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The Chariot

Hello again, :)
At the risk of boring some of our members who are familiar with my readings and this image, this week I would like to explore, in some detail. The Chariot as seen in the Camoin Tarot of Marseille. Very few things in life are perfect, but this is one of them. IMHO. What follows for the next few Paragraphs is not my conception, but is found in Whitley Streibers: The Path. A relatively unknown, but absolutely profound book on the Tarot.

Take a good look at the image beside these words. Pause and really soak in the figure before your eyes, what to do you see, how does that make you feel. What does that make you think? ........
Well its more than a fair guess that you saw a king, his crown atop his head, Scepter in hand, riding in his chariot. He's all dolled up in his Sunday best, so perhaps he is in a Triumphal Parade. A conquering hero returning home.

If you saw something like that when you looked at the card... you where supposed to.. but your not really seeing the card so please look again. ........
Welcome back, :) The first thing I would like you to notice are the horses that are pulling the cart. They are rather puny no? they would not even seem to be ponies, and if these two puny creatures could pull the cart they are not properly kitted out to do so, they are not properly harnessed, and no reigns connect them to the driver. The cart itself is not going anywhere. The wheels rather than pointing forwards, splay out to either side. Not particularly useful that? no?

If you beginning to suspect our eyes have deceived us, you are on the right path. This image, is just not what it seems to be at a glance.

Lets look at our rider, as we noted, he is not holding any reigns, and if he is going to work a pair of horses. His Scepter is not going to serve him half as well as a decent whip or crop. I know very little about horses, but I don't think the give a hoot in hell about a royal decree, that's just not going to motivate them.

If now you look at the shoulder boards of the young king, I think you will see that the game is up!

Notice the twin Masks of Tragedy and Comedy, on the shoulder boards of the young king. The king is an actor. ... now I want you to pause a moment and consider your own mind a few moments ago. You saw this image, and you saw a young noble. If he had step out of his space and into your own how would you have responded.

Chances are you would have given him the respect do a young nobleman. I was watching a Taxi rerun on the plane to my daughters wedding. Lotca approaches a very beautiful woman, in his mechanics overalls, and she finds him sweet, but would not give him the time of day. The next day, he is reading an issue of Playboy and decides the playboy lifestyle is for him. When he returns to the bar, he is wearing a rather stylish suit, and of course the woman's reaction to the more sophisticated Lotca is completely different.

The first lesson of the chariot is that the world reflects back to us the energy we send out. If we present the world a prince, the world responds to a prince. If we present the world a befuddled loser, it responds to a befuddled loser. As Lotka found out. Yet as Lotka also found out, the point is not to be a phony. It takes a toll to constantly be pretending we are something we are not in life. The point is rather to take command of our own energy. If we put out a positive vibration, people just like to be around us more than if we are pouring out a negative vibe. If we don't make mountains out of molehills we find our path in life becomes much smoother. If we cherish what is we have, rather than longing for what it is we want, we escape the materialist trap and find our lives our much fuller than we thought.

The second lesson is that the universe like the world reflects back to us the energy we have put into it, this is the true nature of Karma. Until the Fool Masters his own energy, he is subject to the buffeting of the Karmic Winds. When he takes responsibility for his own energy, always returning to the world his most positive self, even when the world hands him lemons. The Karmic winds will subside, and he will be on his way to finding his intent. Witches know this as the Rule of 3, Christians as the Golden Rule. Its one of the basic truths in the world, and I expect all esoteric traditions have a way of expressing this fundamental truth.

In this way I see the fool completing the first book of the Tarot. Some of you will be very familiar with the fools journey, and Im not talking about that exactly, but it certainly bares remembering.

I have never been happy with the role of Magus in the traditional fools Journey, he seems to me to be nearer the end than the beginning of his journey. So if I may share I have been working on my own vision of the fools journey, it is still incomplete.

Fool - Lives in the world, but does not really perceive what he is seeing. Magus - Perceives the world as 4 Elements, he has begun his journey.
Priestess - Enters into herself and finds there the voice of Deity.
Empress - Discovers the Pacha-Momma, the Goddess in Nature, and herself
Emperor - Endeavors to bridge the sacred and the mundane, by reflecting the heavens on earth. Builds Pyramids that reflect Orion on the planes of Giza. Even today, descendants of the Inca place 3 stones in their hearths representing Orion.
Hierophant- Has mastered the forms, but is yet to transcend them. He becomes the keeper of the holy writ, and the first teacher of the Novice.
Lovers - The Fool learns to blend his Masculine self. The Keeper of the Forms, and Feminine Self, Inner Priestess. The Fool begins to understand the deeper meanings hidden in the sacred texts. As the Rabbi's expessed it the Stories are but a cup, the wisdom is the wine.
Chariot - The Fool becomes the Master of his own energy. He is completed the First third of his journey.

Joan Bunning maintains a very good webpage detailing the traditional fools journey on her web page.


I look forward to your thoughts,
Ama tu ANKI, BB.