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Princess of Swords

Hello again, :)
This particular reading winds up being a unfortunate lesson in the balance between Free Will and determinism in the universe. I speak a lot about intent, because I firmly believe in it myself. I do believe each of us has a path marked out, in the "Great Ground Plan of Heaven and Earth" that is said to be the design on Innana's Robe. Yet we also have free will, we are free to stray from the marked out path. Indeed since time immemorial it is really the true role of the Seer to read signs, Omens, the Cards or the Stars, and provide guidance to the Querant as to where their path is hidden.

Hi Q&&&,

As you may remember, I generally do is a large spread, CC or Cuppa to get your general energy, followed by 3 card or other spreads to get answers to specific Questions that may arise.

As always, let me say if the reading feels on consider it, but if it does not put it aside without fretting it, ok.

1. Q's Significator.......... The Sun
2. P's Significator.......... 3 of Wands
3. Foundation................ King of Cups
4. Recent Past............... 2 of Wands
5. Present Moment............ Prince of Cups (Rx)
6. Bar....................... XV of Trumps (Deceiver)
7. Q's View.................. 4 of Cups
8. P's View.................. Queen of Pents Rx
9. Q's Expectations.......... King of Swords
10. P's Expectations......... 6 of Wands Rx
11. Outcome.................. The Universe.
..................Innana Chose the Gendron Tarot.


....6/5 The Cup of Relationships Spread.

Its impossible to look at a cuppa reading with the Universe as the outcome card, and not feel pretty good about it, and yet we still have some challenging cards. I think the potential for a relationship is there if you overcome the obstacles indicated by some of the other cards.

We start with your Sig, the Sun. Which in this deck shows a Meso-American god holding a seed in his hands offering it to the little girl. I see this as very much where I expect you are in this moment. You feel your energy filling you, and you have the seed of relationship in your hands hoping your partner will take accept it.

Looking at his Sig, we see the 3 of Wands in which the person depicted is watching a ship go out to see. I have always liked this card. It shows the person sending out their energy. Their precious cargo of hopes and dreams, and wondering what the universe will return to them. So I think their might be a bit of a tête-à-tête going on here, which is perfectly proper at the start of a relationship.

The King of Cups surprised me honestly. I feel certain is speaks to a solid foundation to the relationship. One that would be deeply felt, but perhaps slow to realize. Like the bear totem, behind the king. It might take some time to rouse the bear.

Numerology, Sun 19+King 14+3 of Wands = 36/9 Hermit. Given the 2 of Wands in play. It leads me to believe he has been alone for a time. Even if not physically alone, then in a cold relationship where he felt alone, but he has made some peace with that state of affairs.

With the 2 of Wands in play in the recent past, I see one or both of you feeling very good about life, and very much in-line with your intent. I don't see this as out of sync with the above, he may well have felt he needed his hermit time. There are strong visual echo's between the 2 of Wands and the Hermit in this deck.

Now we reach the core cards. We see the Earnest young Page of Cups, Covered by the Deceiver. At first this troubled me much, but I feel a I have good sense of it in the end. If we look at your partners cards we see, the Queen of Pents Rx, and the 6 of Wands Rx.

So he sees you as the Queen of Pents. The Queen is a lovely, grounded sensual woman. (He thinks your hot.) And his expectations are very high. He believes a relationship with you would very much bring his life into alignment. The 6 of Wands in the Gendron really speaks to one of those moments when we really connect with our intent. The world for a moment is perfect.

Yet like the Prince of Cups, these cards too are Rx. I think he feels he has missed his chance with you. Again that 3 of Wands watching the ship go out to see. I think he may well feel his ship has sailed. He feels much for you. (Page of Cups) but his feelings are eclipsed by self defeating thoughts. Deceiver in play. So he sees this wonderful vision of you together, that he feels he cannot hope to make real. This proves to be the crucial card in the reading. This proves to be the crucial card of the reading. The deceiver is not only in the lower vibration itself. Indicating the P is not seen through his self defeating thoughts, but it throws the Prince, Queen of Pents, and 6 of Wands all into the lower octave, because all 3 are covered by the deceivers illusion. In 200 readings in the last 2 years, I cant recall a single reading where one card so powerfully painted its energy across the spread like this one. This is definitely a moment to pause and let what we are seeing sink into our awareness.

Numerology 11+15=26/ 8 Strength the Feminine Principle balancing and taming the masculine principle. In many decks this shows a woman. Her hands over the lions muzzle taming him, with her touch. Usually a positive card, and a positive image, but in our circumstance I expect you wish he would show just a little more lion. :)

Numerology P's cards. 3+13+6 =22/4/0 Emperor/Fool This is the hardest vibration to read correctly, but I think we have already seen the Emperor is eclipsed and the fool is in play. The Deceiver trumping the Emperor and playing the fool.

Your cards; 4 of Cups. Although you see something quite interesting here, you sense something amiss. 4 of Cups. Again your expectations reflect the King of Swords. The king of Swords, is good with words, self confident, a man who gets what he wants. The King of Cups is Quite, more internalized harder to get to pursue what he wants. I see the 4 of Cups as saying... where's my King of Swords, while the King of Cups is just overlooked. I may just be showing my generation, but having done alot of Cuppa's I feel this is still true, an young lady wants to be pursued by her King/Prince of Swords, she does not want to have to drag the old bear of the King of Cups out of his cave.

Numerology your cards; 14+19+4= 37/10/1 I really don't see this as the wheel here. Your cards are too powerful especially the sun in play. I see this as the Magus. Taking charge of things and shaping her own reality. I think your king is going to need a little time, and perhaps a little nudging to find his inner lion and come out of his shell.

With the Universe in play as the outcome though, I think it would be well worth the effort. I really hope this reading speaks to you, its one of the most beautiful cups I have ever read.

I look forward to your thoughts,
Ama tu ANKI, BB.

And not a week later, the "couple" broke up. Leaving the Q to wonder, what went wrong, what did I do wrong. Honestly, I don't think a damn thing. If we consider a harsher, but familiar, example if your child or spouse becomes an Alcoholic, or Addict, you know that they not living their lives aligned to their intent, yet often you can talk to your blue in the face and it just falls on deaf ears. In the End the P was not able to see through his own illusions, and accept what he wanted most in life. (Queen of Pents/6 of Wand, such a beautiful pairing, and they total the Sun the Q's Sig.) was his for the taking if he just accept the seed, the sun is offering.

When things go wrong in life we often say "why me?", when things go right we can very often undermine our own good fortune with the same question. In both cases the Question why not me can prove a powerful antidote. In our lives we will all face stern challenges, when our time comes, its best to accept the challenge and endeavor to rise to it, Life can also offer us great blessings, that balance the challenges. We can say "Why not me" rather than damn ourselves saying, "Im a loser, this cant be for me."

I still believe the Path of the P's intent lay with the Q in realizing their relationship. However as Al Pacino:The Devil, days in 'The Devils Advocate', "Freewill, It is a Bitch."

Thank you for your time, I look forward to your thoughts.

Ama tu ANKI, BB.