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Princess of Swords

Hello again, :)
Although in the last few years I have averaged 100+ readings a year, lately I have been leaning on recent readings for the essays. Maybe its just that I have grown some as a reader, but the older spreads seldom speak to me anymore. This reading is only a few months old, so it better reflects my current technique and development as a reader. At the same time it really speaks to how I feel in this present moment.

Thank you for allowing me to read for you. I've just laid out your spread,
Before we begin the interp however, I do always like to Advise the Q. If the reading speaks to you consider it, if it does not, then please disregard it without fretting yourself.

This Covers........ 10 of Wands
This Bars ......... 8 of Wands
The Foundation .... 5 of Pents
This is Fading .... 8 of Pents Rx,
The Aspiration .... The Priestess
This is Rising .... 7 of Swords
Your Energy ....... 7 of Wands Rx
Your House ........ 2 of Swords Rx
Your Heart ........ The Wheel of Fortune
Outcome. .......... 9 of Cups.
..................I used the Gendron Tarot.


If I am seeing this reading clearly. I can see you are going through a tremendously upsetting moment. It is only a moment however, and you need not worry to greatly about your future. It seems to me you have some very auspicious cards.

Lets take a look first at your core cards.
The 10 of Wands, and the 8 of Wands. The 8 of wands speaks of a change in your situation that has suddenly exploded on your life leaving you feel overburdened and oppressed. With the 8 of Swords, Rx, in play in the fading position I see this explosion coming from your seeing through your own inner fences. The 8 of Swords represents those fences, but it also represents transformation when we see through them and free ourselves. With the foundation card being the poverty card. 5 of Pents. It seems to me you are going through a tower moment. What you thought was rich and stable has been shown to be an illusion. Like Enron Stock, a fortune suddenly worthless paper.

The 7 of Swords rising, shows you shedding your old attachments, and heading out into the world a new. The woman in the card is a pirate Queen. She is leaving her own life behind her, (represented by the ship in the background.) And striking out on her own. She is traveling lite, only one small bag on her shoulder. So she will have to rely on her wits and inner resources for awhile, because she does not have the material security of the ship. She also does not have the burden of trying to maintain that ship.

Of course this does not come easy, if the 7 of Wands upright represents the young Nagual, fenced off from the traditional church, and seeking his spiritual answers on his own. Reversed, he represents our anxiety and doubt, when we strike out in a direction society tells us we cannot go. The 7 of Wands represents those moments when we must for our own growth and peace of mind defy convention. This can be a rough row to hoe, but sometimes we must. The 2 of Swords, Rx, speaks to Affinity, even as the swords upright speak to a dilemma. So I think you may have someone quite close to you. Someone in your inner circle who can help you through this moment. With the wheel in your heart position, I think this speaks to the larger reading. Pointing to your being in a moment in your life when you need to embrace change, even if it is momentarily very uncomfortable. Leading to the Outcome. The 9 of Cups. A person who has reached emotional maturity, and who is able to enjoy, and allow himself to enjoy the good things in life.


The Core: 10+8 = 18 The Moon. Intuition. Tied to the High Priestess in your crown position. Tells you to trust your inner knowing in your present moment. If I where doing this reading today, I might well change this part of the Interp, If we look at the cards we see, 7 of Swords, 8 of Pents, and most notably the 7 of Wands over best energy. The core should be reduced the hermit I think, this also matches the Aspiration, the Q drawing into her self and trying to access her intuition, trying to assess the direction to her true path.

The Present Moment line. 5 of Pents to 2 of Trumps. works out like so: 5+8+10+2=25/7 Totals 25 Reduces to 7.
Now 7 is the Chariot, and the Chariot is the actor of the Tarot. At first he appears to be a king, but on second glance we see a actor portraying a king. I think given the importance of 7's in this spread he has two lessons for you. One you have seen through some illusion to bring you to this moment. That seems to be a powerful theme in this spread. Two, Its about embracing your own inner actor. Acting like the Pirate Queen in the 7 of Swords. Bringing that character out of yourself and to become more like her in the end. lately I have been focusing on the minors more when reducing the lines. As the line both reduces to 7 and the fading to rising line ends in the 7 of Swords, we can see the present moment culminating in the 7 of swords. The visual aspect of the Fading to rising line is striking here, you can see the Q "putting down her knitting", and setting out to find her own path (7 of Swords).

The Past to Future line. 8 of Swords to 7 of Swords. 8+10+8+7= 33/6
The 33 is the Master number of selfless giving. This represents those moments when we truly embrace something greater than ourselves and dedicate ourselves to that purpose. This is definitely tied to your own inner awakening we see in your other cards and the High Priestess in your crown position. It also reduces to the Number 6. The Lovers. The card where in we may find our soul mate, but also strive to balance the Masculine and Feminine Energies in ourselves.

The 8 of Pents I think speaks to that element of selfless giving, the Q toiling for others, but Rx her efforts are not appreciated but taken for granted. So the 7 again speaks to her search for a place where her energies will be appreciated.

The Staff, 7 of Wands to 9 of Cups 7+2+10+9=28/10 10 reduces to One. This speaks to a couple of things. The Wheel of fortune is in play forcing a new beginning on you. However you have the moment to embrace that change, and to emerge a better balanced person more truly aligned with her intent, if you accept this change, rather than wrestle against it.

I might read this in more detail today,
7 of Wands, the Q's best energy is stepping outside herself and doing something that is not expected/accepted in her current situation. 2 of Swords (Rx) She appears to be sharing the horns of a Dilemma with another, which is why I went with Robins Card in the Graphic. Robins card is just the best 2 of swords in the lower octave. The Gendron depicts the Higher Octave, so Gendron Rx=Robinwood. :) So the cards are presented as I meant them to be seen. I do believe however the rest of the interp is good. She has a moment to take the wheel. To seize her day. :)

I hope this reading has proven of value to you.
Blessed Be, BB.

I dont believe I ever heard back from the Q. Often you dont, especially as I read for free. Its really just part of the role as reader. When people do respond its often very positive, in the end one must judge ones accuracy through ones own intuition. It seems to me this reading was very tight, a very good sign. Although I may have misinterpreted the cards, I very much expect a proper interp, would have been very accurate and quite elegant. :)

I look forward to your thoughts,
Ama tu ANKI, BB.