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Princess of Swords

Hello again, :)
Aure had asked if I would spend a little time on Rx Cards, and as we are now half way through this series of essays, it certainly seems an appropriate time to address this issue. One common mis-conception is that Rx cards are always read in the lower vibration, but thats just not true. Take the 7 of cups, its normally seen in the lower vibration and interpreted to mean a person lost in day dreams, escapism. A focus on the unobtainable.", but in its Rx aspect it can well speak to the higher vibration, A dream that is one with the will, that gives a person a guiding vision and keeps them going when times are hard. This was in fact the subject of the very first essay I ever posted online, you can still find here. If you wish to spend a little more time with the seven of cups. This is true also of the 5 of Cups as well Regret is replaced by Affinity, or Opportunity, perhaps even amends made for something previously covered with regret.

In the end to truly master the Tarot the student will have to master the full range of each card. Its upright (usually higher octave), and its Rx (usually Lower Octave.), as well as if the Juxtaposition of cards requires, a lowest Octave that is destructive. Say the lowest octave of the Prince of Cups or 8 of Cups, either of which might speak to substance abuse.

These Notes on reversals come from the Fairy Wicca Tarot Deck.

1. Provides insight into the energy state of the Querant.(Confused, Chaotic, Conflicted.) 2. The possibility of an Event, The Querant may strive for or seek to avoid. 3. An Energy blockage in the Q's life. 4. A warning of a coming challenge... Over time I have come to think of this as an energy fading/rising/ or blocked. ...and of course it can mean indicate the Rx meaning of a given card.

Basically I have found the following rules of thumb apply. If the Rx occurs in the present moment line of a Celtic Cross, or the Present moment position of another spread. It overwhelming indicates a straight reversal. Read the opposing octave of the picture on the card. If the Card appears in the Fading or Rising position of a spread, it tends to speak to a fading or rising energy. If the card appears in the outcome or Aspiration of a spread its going to be more challenging. I may speak to a desired outcome that is blocked, but it can also speak to a outcome that is not desired. So a Rx 3 of Pents might speak to a Q coming into an apprenticeship they don't really want, either the Q feels unprepared is feels pressured by family to pursue a "good job." As always one needs honor ones intuition on these matters.

Now it so happens I had asked Aure to pull a Cuppa Spread for me as I wrestled recently with my own decision to stay in or leave my own relationship. The cup drawn paints a familiar picture to me, and I think is quite accurate, and its just chuck full of Reversals, so Its a lovely spread to pursue our discussion. I hope readers wont mind, I have spoken a good bit about my relationship in group lately. To the extent that I can I intend to put Tom the Q aside, and speak as Blackbird the Reader. I think it my also point out to those who are struggling that there are no Free-Passes, certainly tarot has helped me understand myself better, and my wife perhaps as well. Still our relationship was challenging before I discovered Tarot, and it remains challenging. Tarot simply provides another tool for hopefully better understanding my situation.

As a matter of technique I cut the Tarot into 3 stacks of cards, Rx the Center stack, and shuffle them back into the deck. This gives a reasonable number of Rx's without (often) overwhelming the spread. When I have completed shuffling, I lay my hands over the cards, repeat my request for guidance one final time, and cut the cards, placing the card that came from the lower stack on top and begin to deal. In this way even a deck with clear uprights and Rx on the back can be used, as any bias to leave a positive card on the top of the deck will be negated by the final cut. I have used this system for years now, and it does work.

Aure's text will appear in black, mine in blue, on the HTML page.

Hi BB,

Thank you for explaining how you work the reverse cards in. You are right, I don't do this because there are to me enough Rx meanings...but I do want to learn both ways.

I meditated on your bridge, the water washing over the stones. And then I asked your Innana for guidance & I Heard Her! Loud And Clear! I have never had this happen before with someone elses guide...she said, "He already knows the answer." It was pretty point blank, like 'come back when you have a real question.' I had to smile just a little when I read this, she clearly heard my Innana.

So, I asked my guide for guidance in this, & then laid out the cards. My guide I simply ask to show the truth in a situation...so, "what is the truth for BB and Lauren?"

As I shuffled, cards kept jumping, and I put them back to see what came out in the reading. What jumped was, 8 of Cups Rx, 2 of Cups Rx, and 5 Hierophant Rx (I wondered if this was a smaller story too, but I put them back and just noted them)

Here are the cards, and I will certainly do an interp for you, but I will send it after you have a chance to see the cards...

1. Q's Significator..............4 Emperor
2. P's Significator...............2 of Cups Rx
3. Foundation....................16 Tower Rx
4. Recent Past...................6 of Pents
5. Present Moment............Princess of Swords Rx
6. Bar................................8 of Wands
7. Q's View.......................Ace of Wands
8. P's View........................9 of Wands
9. Q's Expectations............3 of Swords Rx
10. P's Expectations............Queen of Pents
11. Outcome.......................18 Moon Rx

..2..1..3 The Cup of Relationships Spread.   View the Cards here.

At first glance it looks like two different energies weaving together, but they don't quite connect. Not as in two people's energy, but just two types of flow. I don't know how to explain, but I'll think on it...

So you seem to be coming into this phase feeling strong in yourself, being able to put mind over matter to see things clearly. And with the Emperor, you are willing to put others before yourself.

And L with the 2 of Cups Rx, feeling that you are far away in your heart? feeling unsure how things will work out...

BB re: Perhaps so, I don't mean to dis Aure's interp here. The 2 of Cups Rx is going to come up a lot in readings. Something is wrong with the relationship, it can speak to a co-dependant situation, or an abusive one, depending on the wands or swords in play. It can also speak to a couple coming together if the reading is for a new relationship, or unraveling, as Aure Points out L feels our relationship may be unraveling.

You had mentioned changes, and here by the Tower Rx visual, it seems that these changes will not happen easily, but the figure initiating change is certainly on your side of the card, and the little figure tonight looks like the goddess looking over you & connecting with you to help the changes along. As well as it seems she is holding up the base, like she will be your stability.

BB re: Timing is everything, if I had seen these cards an hour before, before I spoke to L' what I said might have been completely different. The tower Rx almost always speaks to change that needs to be made, that has been put off, it is the dead tree we just cant bring to pull out of the ground, for the memory of the shade is provided in summers past. The Tower, however painful the changes it augers is in the positive vibration when upright.

4+16+2 = 22/0 New beginnings? But with the two Rx cards I almost want to say this will either not be what you expect, or will be difficult...As we will see the change is not what I expected.

Now the 6 of Pents looks very different too. It seems like the window behind is more a mirror reflecting the inner selves - interesting - I rarely notice this second picture, but it seems more real than the foreground tonight. Where in the front it seems that the person on the right is giving to the one on the left, their inner picture seems quite different. It shows the person on the right as more cold, forlorn, not so giving and so grey scale...and the one on the left is seeming more of a free spirit. I'm not sure what this means...

BB re: This is the card Aure posted in group about, the spirit that had given so much of herself that she was left feeling desolate. Perhaps L's perhaps Mine, perhaps we both feel this way about one another. I have always seen this card so very differently, I see the couple in the fore-ground as desolate. The woman paying the priestess her tithe, both the giver and receiver look as though they are exchanging a dead fish. I see no joy in either of them, and feel the gods can scarcely honor such a gift. I see the goddess in the window representing the true spirit of giving. So when Aure spoke to her, it raised my hopes for the outcome of the reading. :)

In the core, my first impression would be that if the Princess of Swords is usually clear of mind & having determined intent, then her Rx must be the times she becomes unclear & lost in the emotions of things.

BB re: This was the hardest card for me to see. The Princess of Swords is Truth, for me. The Queen of Swords in other decks, but in this deck I see her as Goddess of Truth. So it spoke to me of truth denied. It is also true that she is for me Innana, her face, her fierce eyes, her sacred image. I could not help but wonder if she was mad at me, if my Goddess felt I had turned my back on her and her guidance. To see her Rx shook me to the core.

The 8 of Wands looks like the was to let this pass is by staying on the side watching. Letting things unfold as they are meant to, no matter if they are what would be expected. So you have asked for changes, and now you need to wait, L has to do these things on her own and they are inside I would think, due to the rest of her cards... 12+8 20, Judgment, letting go of things which do not help you along your path?

14+6+12+8 40? I'm not sure how this fits, except that it reflects your cover card. Meaning that you will maintain your footing? You are still able to hold the rudder for L while she gets through this storm?

I would see your view in the Ace of Wands as hoping the relationship will find new life, and maybe your seeing L with a new vision.

And then the 3 of Swords Rx, you expect to move beyond the heartache? and that this may be a healing phase...

4+1+3 8 Strength :)

BB re: Very hopeful cards. :) We see how Rx the 3 of Swords winds up speaking to a very positive vibration.

L seems to view this in the 9 of Wands as much hard work. The work that has already been put into the relationship as well as what still needs to be done.

And with the Queen of Pents, she expects to move out of the Princess Rx energy, and with work move into the Queen's energy. It seems to show her expecting to reconnect with herself & her life.

2+9+14 25/7...2 of Cups again? or finding the balance in it & life lessons bringing her to the point where she can see into herself. I really see the Chariot as inner movement, realizing your inner self & allowing growth inside. But that depends on whether one can look at themselves clearly, yes?

The Moon Rx really throws me. I'll just say what it looks like.

Looking at this card Rx, it looks like there are mountains that are erupting, but they are erupting only into dreaming. As the Rx top half looks like a dream picture - the shells and things "falling" into the sea of dreams, and there you are, your face as the dreamer - but can you see into this dream? The eyes are closed...

BB re: I tend to see the Moon as Intuition/Illusion depending on if its upright or Rx, so it seemed to me that the Tower Moon Rx pair book ending the cup does not give me great hope for our future extending much beyond this year. Still I knew that going in....

I hope this is of some help to you... and I am looking forward to your thoughts.

Namaste' Aure

BB re: 8 of Cups Rx, 2 of Cups Rx, Hierophant.
Now it is just true, that I came as close to just ending my marriage as I had in 10 years over a period of 10 days. Ten days when Mars was in conjunction with my Natal Mars. I stepped back at the last minute, because L seemed to have a handle on herself. We talked for a good hour, but I never threatened to leave.

The next day I arrived home from work to find her deep in her cups, and all I had not said the day before came pouring out....

That was a few years ago now, I'm still with L. It will always be a difficult relationship, and I will never be totally sure that we will be together a year from now. We have both made some real progress in the time since that reading, we live together much more peacably now. Its not perfect, but after 27 years, at some level, something works.

Well there is no better place to thank Aure for the elegance of her interp, or for the blessings of her guide for giving us what is in the end an very powerful spread.

Ama tu ANKI, BB.